Stop Worrying About Bug Bites

Stop Worrying About Bug Bites

Schedule a mosquito treatment in Spring Lake, NJ and throughout all of New Jersey

Sick and tired of swatting away mosquitos? Monarch Pest Control Corporation provides the mosquito treatment services you need to stay on top of pest control. Don’t wait until your bug bites become unbearable before you reach out.

We spray for bugs using organic products and a micro-mister, so you won’t have to worry about us endangering your plants, your animals or your air quality. We can control the mosquito population around your:

  • Shrubs and bushes
  • Landscaping beds
  • Patio and firepit
  • Swimming pool
  • Lawn chairs

No matter where you need mosquito treatment done in Spring Lake, NJ, we can do it. Reach out now to ask for a free inspection of your home.

Keep yourself and your pets safe with tick control

Ticks are difficult to dislodge. Stop them before they get that far by enlisting our help. Monarch Pest Control provides the tick control you need to keep ticks out of your backyard and off your pets.

We use a granular treatment that’s safe for dogs and cats to be around. We’ll treat areas where ticks tend to cluster, like shrubs and tall grasses. We’ll also spray the perimeter of the woods near your home.

Call today to set up monthly tick control services in Spring Lake, NJ and throughout all of New Jersey.