Home Guard Pest Protection Programs | Spring Lake, NJ

Home Guard programs are performed 4 times per year every 90 days. All maintenance treatments are performed on the exterior only. Interior treatments are done if any pest issues arise inside and are performed on an as needed basis. A Monarch Pest Control professional consultant will inspect your home identify the conducive conditions along with the pest issues and create a tailored program to fit your home and families pest needs.

Home Guard Basic

This protection plan covers the home and everything on the property for occasional invading insects and stinging insects. The pests included in this protection package are as follows:

Pavement Ants, Citronella Ants, Carpenter Ants, Centipedes, Millipedes, Sow bugs, Pill bugs, ground beetles, earwigs, spiders, German, American, Oriental roaches, field crickets, camel back crickets, wasps, hornets and silver fish.

Home Guard Advantage

The home guard advantage program is performed exactly the same as the Home Guard Basic. This program additionally covers the home and property for odorous house ants, carpenter bees up to ten feet and mice.

Home Guard Max

The home guard max program is performed exactly the same as the Home Guard Basic and Advantage. Home guard Max covers the home and property for all of the pests above to include termites. (The home must first be inspected by a licensed tech and cleared of termite infestation before plan can be initiated). Monarch pest control will install Advance Termite Baiting system around the home to proactively monitor and eliminate termite activity. With advance baiting system installed you will receive an inspection once a year in addition to 4 perimeter maintenance treatments.