Keep Mice Out of Your Home

Keep Mice Out of Your Home

Reclaim your space with mice removal in Spring Lake, NJ

Mice can carry all kinds of diseases. Protect your family by calling Monarch Pest Control Corporation now for a full rodent inspection and exclusion service. We'll figure out how the mice are getting into your home, then seal off those entry points.

Rodents can creep in through openings as small as 1/8 of an inch. We will inspect vulnerable areas of your home in order to find their prime entry points. Call on us to cut them off at the source. We'll build them out of your home, so they will no longer live rent free under your roof! Call now if you need rodent removal in Spring Lake, NJ. We'll free your house of rodents in no time.

Rely on our rodent control services to remove pests from your home

Does the sound of urgent scurrying keep you up at night? Schedule rodent control as soon as possible. You'll know you need our services when you notice:

  • Droppings and stains on your belongings
  • Gnaw marks on your boxes and bags
  • Evidence of nesting around your house

Contact us today to request rodent control in Spring Lake, NJ.