Heather Roncinske
Owner • Operator

Since I began my career over 15 years ago, I was one of very few women pest control technicians in New Jersey. I am now the first woman to launch, own and operate my very own pest control business in the United States. With that said, the urban pest management industry is extremely male dominated, I knew from the start in order to excel and set myself apart from the herd education is the most important! I have gone back to school in the past few years to brush up on organic chemistry and microbiology, in doing so, I have a fundamental understanding of the products used to treat pests as well as the effect they have on us and our environment. I recently went to Perdue University in order to learn from the country’s top entomologists in the urban pest management field. My experience at Perdue University this past year has not only given me a wealth of knowledge on insect biology, but also, put me in touch with an amazing support of PHD entomologists, if and when I am ever faced with a hard to solve pest issue.

I have created Monarch Pest Control Corporation to solve pest problems by educating my clientele and using environmentally conscious methods. Your family and your businesses needs are unique; too many companies treat every home and business the same exact way. When it is true, pest biology is the same; however the habitats always have unique settings, making it essential to employ a treatment plan that will service the environment as well as the biology.

I am very passionate about the science of the pest industry, finding solutions to difficult pest issues is what I find exciting and fun. I am so proud to finally have accomplished a long time goal of opening my own business! I look forward to those in need in the Monmouth, Mercer, Lower-Middlesex and Atlantic Counties!